About DRG

Licensed, bonded, and insured as a contractor, serving customers in the greater Los Angeles Area.

At DRG Design and Construction, Inc. We have confidence in a community oriented methodology that ties our demanding outline process and eminent craftsmanship to our customer’s vision and desire for excellence. Utilizing the present best in class innovation and development process we enthusiastically work to satisfy the “In the event that you can dream it we can assemble it theory.”

As an organization we trust that our duties are fixing specifically to our customer’s deepest desires. The development procedure being what it is, there are frequently obstructions to beat when you enter such an intricate procedure. DRG Design and Construction, Inc. endeavors to accomplish the most extreme in consumer loyalty. We trust the genuine soul of an organization is demonstrated when unanticipated occasions are dealt with in a judicious, opportune way, with our customers being updated routinely.